Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Fun

My mom, sister and I took the kids to Salt Lake for a little get away. We spent a day at Temple Square, did some swimming and spent 9 hours at Lagoon. We had a super fun time!

Justin doesn't hold still long enough to be in pictures. He is always running off to explore something else.
The Kids had fun in the pools at the hotel.
Justin loved the rides.

Rattle Snake Rapids
Kolby was soaked after this ride.
The aftermath
Justin was having fun.

Grandma & Dylan
We stopped at Smith & Edwards on our way home. Justin just couldn't take any more fun!
My baby turned 3. I can't believe how quickly he has grown.


Bowler Family said...

So glad you guys had a great time!!! Justin cracks me up....he is so funny!!! We just love him!!!
I really need to take my kids down to temple sq. looks so fun!
Happy birthday Justin!!

Shari said...

Fun pics from your trip Angie! So glad you had a fun trip. Your boys are so handsome & cute!!