Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Fun

My mom, sister and I took the kids to Salt Lake for a little get away. We spent a day at Temple Square, did some swimming and spent 9 hours at Lagoon. We had a super fun time!

Justin doesn't hold still long enough to be in pictures. He is always running off to explore something else.
The Kids had fun in the pools at the hotel.
Justin loved the rides.

Rattle Snake Rapids
Kolby was soaked after this ride.
The aftermath
Justin was having fun.

Grandma & Dylan
We stopped at Smith & Edwards on our way home. Justin just couldn't take any more fun!
My baby turned 3. I can't believe how quickly he has grown.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Holiday's

We survived! Now we have moved on to basketball. Brenden made the 8th grade team! He should find out today if he is a starter. I have a strong feeling that he will be. Just call it mom's intuition. Kolby was asked to play in two different leagues and we let him. Crazy on our part. That makes for a lot of practices. Dylan is also playing. All the Christmas is put away and now we are preparing for a visit from Joe's parents. They will be here in April for 3 weeks.

We took the boys to the visitor's center before Christmas to watch Mr. Krueger's Christmas. Some of our good friends invited us for family home evening. We had a fun time!
A goofy picture. Joe wouldn't leave the nose on. He never cooperates when it comes to pictures!

Santa found us!

Justin loved his new bed. I wish he thought it was more than just a toy. He still hasn't slept the whole night in it. We are working on it.

New shoes and they are even BSU colors.

The game they were hoping for.

Nike Hyperdunks...size 12 in the school colors!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter Fun!

I have been without a camera for the last few months. We finally have a new one! We took the boys out to get a few pictures for Christmas cards. Justin didn't cooperate much but the boys had fun.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Halloween Fun

This year we went to the our good friends the Powell's for some Halloween fun! It was a great night full of good company, food, laughs and trick-or-treating. It is always fun to be with friends and family!

Dylan and his good friend Takota.

The girl's all dressed up!

Brenden wasn't into the fun this year. He is turning into a typical teenager. He would rather not participate in dress up!
Kolby was the ultimate Boise State fan.
Justin wouldn't keep the hood on his head. He was a cute Eeyore.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nothing new to report. We are finally adjusting to the new fall schedule. I am horrible during the summer. We are still doing football and the boys love it! Here are a few fun pictures from this week.

This is what Justin does during the games. He doesn't love football yet. He would rather run and play. Thank goodness there are a lot of younger ones who love to play with him!

Kolby with a hand off. I am slowly learning the game of football.

This picture makes me laugh. The team does the haka before every game. We have a coach that is Tongan and he has taught it to the boys. Kolby really gets into it. Hey whatever works. It has been good luck so far!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kenny Chesney - The Boys of Fall

Football Season Again!!!

Well I can feel fall in the air and that means only 1 thing at our house....FOOTBALL SEASON! We have been practicing for over 3 weeks and tonight is our first big game. The boys have great coaches this year and I appreciate all the time that goes into it. I never thought I would grow to love the game but I have! I also never thought I would be a Bonneville fan but I am! Go Bees!


Brenden at the Jamboree


Kolby loves football!